Journey Lutheran Library Guidelines

  • A checkout card system is now in use.
  • The back cover of each book should have a checkout card.
  • All that is required is your name and the date it was checked out.
  • There are no due-dates, although 6 weeks is the recommended time to return items back to the library.
  • The Study (Across from the bathrooms) and the Fireplace Room is where our library materials are located.
  • Please place the checkout cards in the designated receptacles.
  • If you find a book without a card, please write it down on a sheet that will be attached to a clipboard for further cataloging later.
  • Do not reshelve the books but place them on the designated counter for later reshelving.

Donation Guidelines 

  • Being a church library, we are looking for Family oriented library materials.
  • We need new to gently used books, DVD movies (no VHS), and other materials.
  • There is a designated donation spot for new library donations.

Movie Reviews
  (movies from our Journey library)
Reviews given by: John & Meredith Hink

“Jacob Have I Loved”
(1989) – Stars: Bridget Fonda, Jenny Robertson, John Kellogg
Review Provided By: John & Meredith Hink

This movie, like the title suggests, offers a modern retelling of the story of Jacob and Esau from the book of Genesis.  This time, two sisters, Caroline and Louise BraJacob Have I Loveddshaw are at the center of the story which does feature sibling envy and bitterness when one sister seems to be always more fortunate than the other one.  Louise lives in the shadow of her sister Caroline and has to come to terms with her feelings when incredible good fortune comes to Caroline and not to her.  Dealing with her feelings towards her sister and in the end discovering something unexpected within herself is what drives this story.  The acting is pretty good for a movie of this type and is relatively short in length.  The ending is a little mystifying unless you have already read the Newbery Award winning book by Katherine Paterson.
This is a good movie to watch with children.
Location: Fireplace Room in Family Videos section.

“Hiroshima Maiden”
Review Provided By: John & Meredith Hink

This movie makes an interesting addition to the Journey Lutheran Library.            Hiroshima Maiden (1988) is set 10 years after WWII when Japan was still                          occupied by the United States.  A kind-hearted former soldier                                               Hiroshima Maiden-movie reviewbrings a Japanese girl named Miyeko, who was disfigured by radiation burns, to America for surgery.  The story focuses on the complications and conflict that occur when Miyeko interacts with the soldier’s family and the children in the neighborhood.  With good acting and a decent plot, this family film teaches both children and parents lessons about prejudice and compassion for fellow human beings.                                                                                                                                                (Please note – parents should explain the history behind this movie if their children are not familiar with it.)

Not Rated (Family Friendly)
Location: Family Videos Area


Review Provided By: John and Meredith Hink

What makes a man a man?  Courageous (2011) attempts to tackle that question in an Courageous-movie reviewentertaining and thought provoking manner.  This movie demonstrates that being a father is more than just giving orders to your children and accepting the status quo, it is a lesson about the heart and how courage comes from following God.  With humor, drama, and heartfelt performances from the actors, Courageous is uplifting and demonstrates new ways to think about how one’s own integrity matters in this world.

Rated PG –13
Location – Family Videos (Y)

Young At Heart”
Review given by: John and Meredith HinkYoung At Heart-movie review

Who said you are ever too old to rock n’ roll?  Join the Young at Heart chorus, a group of singers whose average age is 80, in this documentary of love, laughter, and loss as they prepare for their Alive and Well tour.  This bittersweet documentary has some of the best music videos since the invention of MTV.  Audiences of all ages will feel inspired to live life to the fullest after watching this incredible group of seniors who are “larger than life” overcome bitter hardships to make sure that the show goes on.

Rated PG – Winner of the Heartland “Truly Moving Picture” Award
Location – Family Videos (Y)