Our charter states that:

Journey Lutheran Church is a congregation of people
called by God to be the body of Christ in mission for the world.

To that end we will be a congregation

+ where everyone is welcome and invited
+ where people of all ages are nourished and grow in their spiritual journey
+ where people find joy, hope, meaning and purpose
+ where people experience a sense of community and acceptance
+ where we take seriously our role as stewards of God’s creation

further, we will be a congregation

+ that under the Lordship of Jesus,  is prayer filled and Spirit led
+ that is open to change and respectful of differences
+ that has a passion for reaching those without a church home
+ that is outward looking, serving needs locally and globally
+ that is generous, recognizing we are blessed to be a blessing

Journey Lutheran is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for more information check out ELCA