Fuel for the Journey

The name of Journey’s stewardship team is Grace & Gratitude – it is part of the Faith Formation Team at Journey, and its goal is to bring greater stewardship awareness to our faith family.  Since Grace & Gratitude’s formation in April 2017, we have highlighted the stewardship of:
· creation
· story
· grace
· talents
· global mission
And in future months we will be highlighting stewardship of: local missions, “stuff”, time, justice, and more.
Stewardship is the way that Christians live their lives – it’s how we respond to Jesus’ teaching and God’s love – in everything we do and in every decision that we make.
Over the next several weeks, the Grace & Gratitude team will be sending you information about  “Fuel for the Journey”, which is our program on financial stewardship of our church.  Stewardship is about far more than supporting our beautiful church on the hill, but this month we are focusing on giving to the church, and we specifically are talking about our financial giving.  So . . . we are talking about money.
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.– Matthew 6:21.
We are uncomfortable talking about money.  It’s a cultural thing.  And we probably would have been uncomfortable hearing a lot of what Jesus had to say – 16 of the 38 Gospel parables concerned money – one out of ten verses in the Gospel deals with money.
Jesus talked a lot about money but never asked for any.  He talked about giving because He loves us – when we give we are enriched.
We routinely direct our money to one place or another.  Bringing Christ into the control room for our money decisions makes us good money stewards.
Is some of your money directed to the mission of Journey Lutheran Church? Over the next few weeks, we are going to ask you to give some thought to Journey’s mission and your financial support of it.  We will ask you to consider increasing your support.
Stewardship is about taking care of things that belong to God.  We are entrusted with breath, time, love, family, talents . . . and money.  God does not burden us with ownership of these – we are only caretakers – we want to take good care.

In Christ,
– your Grace & Gratitude Team