Access to journey’s Video Sermons

While in-person worship services have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are 2 ways to access Pastor Mamy’s Sunday and mid-week video sermons.

1.) Journey’s Facebook Page

Select Videos on the side menu of the page. All of the videos Pastor has created each week are listed by date.

2. Watch the Virtual Service Videos on Journey’s Youtube channel

message from our congregational president regarding changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic

As most of you know by now, we have decided to suspend our programming at Journey for at least the next two weeks. The Vision Board will review Palm Sunday and Easter as those dates near but for the time being, we will focus on our health and ways we can stay connected to God and one another.

In the short term, we will focus on the gifts we have in order to stay connected. Some churches in our area already have online streaming capabilities and rather than trying to reinvent that, we will promote those opportunities in our communications. I encourage you all to keep a close eye on Facebook and email over the next several weeks. We plan to offer daily devotions, videos of folks sharing their daily lives, members sharing song and prayer and possibly some longer messages in lieu of regular worship. We also want to be cognizant of those not online, therefore, we are developing a call tree to have folks reach out over the phone to catch up on how things are going and maybe share a prayer or story to keep spirits high. If you have additional ideas or want to submit prayers, stories or song please let us know! I am hopeful during this uneasy time we can find peace in slowing our lives down a bit and reconnecting to some things that get lost when lives are busy.

As Pastor Mamy mentioned, the office will remain open during the week. We will have the shopping cart posted in the fireplace room so if you want to stop in and drop off food or hygiene items to share with the community you are welcome to do so. 

Lastly, I want to touch on offerings. While certainly not our top concern at this point, we will need to sustain the ministry while we forego regular, in-person worship. Please know you can drop those in the office, mail offerings or give online through simply giving. If you need details on any of those options please reach out to the office.

Please lift each other up in prayer and don’t hesitate to reach out to one another when needs arise. We are all hopeful that these unprecedented efforts will help limit the virus spread and get us back to normal schedules as quickly as possible.

Be Well, Jonah Denson

Live Streaming Worship Services *Our Savior’s Lutheran in La Crosse: *Holmen Lutheran Church on Facebook:

Listen to audio of Worship Services *Tune into the broadcast of Trinity Lutheran Church in La Crosse at 8:30 am on WKTY 580AM *First Lutheran in Onalaska has audio of their sermons on their website:

We will add more as they become known to us.

Welcome All!

Whoever you are,
However you come,

You are welcome here

All are welcome in our life and ministry together in worship, at the font, at the table and in fellowship regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other category society uses to divide us.
We are located on on Sand Lake Road about half-way between Onalaska and Holmen, Wisconsin.

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